Fleur de Lis Beadball Necklace - Gold

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History and Mystery. Today's crazy fast-paced world leaves us little time for either one of these fundamental realities. But if we can find a way to squeeze them into our crowded and noisy lives, the benefits will bring us new joys and deepen the joys we already experience. The Fleur de LIs evokes both history and mystery, reminding us to be grounded in where we have come and where we are going. Wear it proudly, joyfully and peacefully. 

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Bronze tone beadball necklace measures appoximately 24". Chain is adjustable t be worn as a necklace, choker, wrap bracelet, or anklet - Just open the clasp and cut down to your preferred size. Double sided gold tone Fleur de Lis medal with a "faith" tag. Comes on an inspirational card. 

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