Meet the artisans header-strings and beads. My Saint My Hero is a soulfully responsible company that believes in dignified work which allows people to flourish. Shop Woven Bracelets Artisans of Medjugorje smiling with Amy and Christine. Medjugorje, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Anita with family. Copy - empowered women empower women. It started with one artisan named Anita, who offered work to a friend to weave bracelets for My Saint My Hero. Anita became a leader in her community, inviting others into the same purpose through meaningful work she was experiencing. One woman grew to three women, and then to 35 across 3 communities. Shop Woven Bracelets copy-35 women rising above war-torn poverty through the impact of your purchase. Women smiling. 35 women, 35 families & 3 communities being empowered through your purchase of a Wearable Blessing.  Shop Woven Bracelets Staff photos of Artisans of Medjugorje. This is Empowerment. Group photo of staff at Blue Lotus Ethical Factory in Mexicali, Mexico with Christine. Staff working. Soulfully Responsible. My Saint My Hero's second mode of ethical production is through championing an ethical factory in Mexicali, Mexico known as Blue Lotus.  This ethical factory was founded upon the foundation of human dignity of every person. Our partner factory goes beyond the human person to the environment working hard to keep deadly chemicals out of every process. We create a set of standards that all partner factories must meet in order to produce for My Saint My Hero. At a minimum, all producers must be 18 years or older, receive beyond fair trade wages, healthy working conditions, and healthcare. My Saint My Hero staff conduct factory to establish strong working relationships and ensure standards are met. Staff photos of Blue Lotus Ethical Factory Shop Woven Bracelets