7 Prayer Warriors can CHANGE THE WORLD! It starts with YOU.

7 Prayer Warriors can CHANGE THE WORLD! It starts with YOU.

Choose your 7, pray together, share the love, heal together, and heal the world! 

"Brothers and Sisters, select from among you seven wise men, filled with the Spirit and wisdom, whom we shall appoint to the task, whereas we shall devote ourselves to prayer ... they choose their 7 who prayed and laid hands on them. The word of GOD continued to spread, and the number of disciples increased greatly!" - Acts 6:3

I invite you to choose 7 friends to become your Prayer Pod, woven together through love, with the promise to lift each other up in prayer every day. Take the leap of faith and watch as your Prayer Pod begins to change your world through love. Let them know - Let your 7 know that you are holding them in prayer every day. Send them a prayer, send them a BLESSING BRACELET, or a WORDS OF WISDOM and KIND BRACELET. Allow this to be your tangible reminder that you are WOVEN TOGETHER in prayer! How to remember to pray for your 7: Write their names down in your daily journal or on a piece of paper, and post that paper on your desk, on your morning  mirror, or on your nightstand. Make sure to pray for them at least once every day. I also love wearing SEVEN BLESSINGS BRACELET as a tangible reminder to STOP and PRAY. I sent each of my 7 a prayer bracelet so that when we all will wear it, and when we see it on our wrist throughout the day, we say a quick prayer for one another. 

PRAYER is words from your heart to God. Any way and any words of prayer are perfect in the eyes of God. He just wants time to talk with you. Imagine Him sitting in a chair across from you, just chatting as a good friend would. 

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SAMPLE PRAYER FOR YOUR 7 We come before you now with the sincere desire to grow closer to you, Lord, in every step of our life. Together we form community of prayer, and according to your word, we have chosen 7 prayer partners to help us discern your voice and follow your way, your truth, and your light. Awaken in us the Holy Spirit, awaken inner wisdom, and awaken intuition. Allow our prayers to be the fuel for our guardian angels to keep us on our Holy Path. We are united in prayer for one another, for our families, our community, our nation, and our whole world. Use us as an instrument of your peace, and may our prayers unite with all those around the world in the highest and greatest good for all. Protect us, guide us, and flood us with your love. Allow our responses to be your responses and our action to be yours. May we each have the grace to see the world through Your eyes. 


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