Count Your Blessings

Woman wearing colorful Seven Blessings Bracelets

New Seven Blessings Bracelet

Seven; the number of perfection, of creation, of the day God rested. May this bracelet remind you that each day is filled with God’s love, with perfection in all the imperfection, and beauty amidst trials. 

Take hold of each medal, take a deep breath and remember; every day we are renewed, protected and loved exactly as we are. Rest in this knowing and receive the seven blessings.


May you be blessed with love. 

May you be blessed with family. 

May you be blessed with friendship & rejoice in belonging. 

May you be blessed with wisdom. 

May you be blessed with health. 

May you be blessed with hope, joy & inspiration. 


Seven Blessings Bracelet collage

There are many translations of the ancient Sheva Brachot, Hebrew for “seven blessings.” As with many traditions, the expression has evolved over time, however, its place and importance hold fast. May your heart be open to receive each blessing and may we learn to give thanks for each blessing before it is bestowed. Together let’s count our Blessings!

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