How to Live in the Light

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Live in the Light

Faith, hope, and love… three gifts from God that multiply as we spend more time in the LIGHT. How do we spend more time in the light? Amidst all of the messiness of life and the demands of today, how do we find a way to live in the light? 

The answer is piety. And what is piety you ask?

Obedience and piety go hand in hand for me. I am stubborn and strong-willed by nature, so these words never sat easily with me. In Mass, I would often hear the priest stress that “obedience is the key to faith” and that we must “obey the laws of the Lord, in order to live in union with him…” It wasn’t until recently that these words started to hit home and sink in.

The more I studied our faith and the more I fell in love with God, the more that I wanted to walk on my holy path. I realized that in order to bring more faith, hope, and love into my life, I did not need to DO MORE. I simply needed to SURRENDER into all that I am and trust in God’s divine plan. As a strong-willed person, surrendering is hard, and giving up control is difficult. So I began by simply being obedient... obedient to our faith and obedient to the will of God. Within our Catholic faith, we have so many amazing traditions that invite us to spend more time in the LIGHT. We have Mass, where the true presence of Jesus Christ is offered to dwell within us. We have confession, where we can repent, ask for forgiveness, and be washed clean — a true miracle of life. We also have adoration for those moments that we simply need to be filled with the presence of Christ and sit in silence for a while. Maybe one would call this type of holy practice, “piety.” I call it freedom. Being obedient to God’s will allows us to surrender fully and live in the light.

Today, I invite you to practice some of the tools of our faith and surrender your will to His will. Lent is an invitation to be a bit more pious. 




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