New Saint Blessing Bracelet

New Saint Blessing Bracelet



Saints were real people who walked this earth just like you and me, becoming heroes of their time through their ordinary lives that were lived with great love. Each saint is known to have helped bring miracles into the lives of others.

New My Saint My Hero Gemstone Saint Blessing Bracelets

Wear this bracelet in remembrance of their virtue and miracles that are within each of us through the love of God. Choose the saint or virtue that you need in your life now.

New Gemstone Saint Blessing Bracelet


Virtues and Gemstones

Divine Mercy/Trust - Red Jasper

Miraculous Mary/Miracles - Aquamarine

St. Benedict/Blessing - Hematite

St. Michael/Protection - Lapis

St. Francis & St. Anthony/Gratitude - Turquoise

St. Jude/Healing - Chrysocolla

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