SLS2018: A Call to Freedom

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This past week My Saint My Hero had the honor to sponsor and be present at the Focus Conference in Chicago. Amy was able to stop in after her QVC feature earlier this week, and Christine’s daughter, Lizzy Rich, was one of the friendly faces at our booth – as well as an enormous help. We want to thank Lizzy for sharing her experience with us. Below you can find her beautiful reflection of what this week meant to her. Let us pray for all those who were present and involved in this powerful convention, that they may carry back home what they felt burning in their hearts, and spread the fire of truth and love at school, work, and in their families. 


Where do I even begin. How can I sum up the eternal works of our Father in so few words. I could talk about the hundreds of men and women I met at the My Saint My Hero booth who brought joy into my days. I could talk about how beautiful and inspiring every speaker was and how God used every single one of them to move me in some way. I could talk about becoming friends with the other vendors and being truly changed by their hearts. I could talk about Jim Caviezal surprising the crowd and shouting the Brave Heart battle cry speech, calling us to freedom. There was so, so much fruit and goodness in this week but what I really want to talk about is the gift of freedom God placed in my heart

The Gift of Freedom

The Holy Spirit was ever present in this whole conference and filled me with a bold confidence unlike ever before. I experienced a freedom to be myself, have vulnerable conversations, dance in praise and worship like no one was watching and I did so without any fear. God revealed to my heart what it would be like if I was fully present in Him all the time. He showed me the freedom that comes with following His will. He showed me that He will always take care of me, provide for me, protect me, and love me. He showed me that He, the God of the Universe, is bigger than any problem. My Merciful Father called me back into His Sacred Heart and I know He is doing the same for you too. It can be so easy to be enslaved by this world, to believe the lies we hear over and over again, but our God is whispering into our hearts words of freedom and reconciliation and we must hold on to those with everything we have. We must run to Him and never look back and we must trust that He is a merciful Father who leaves the 99. 

In Conclusion

SLS2018 was a call to freedom and a call to be a missionary disciple in every aspect of my life. We are all called to these two things and we must accept them confidently, knowing that our all loving Father in heaven will always figure the rest out. 

In Him through her,
Elizabeth Rich


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