St. Dominic and the Miracle of the Rosary

St. Dominic and the Miracle of the Rosary


St. Dominic was the first to teach meditative prayer in the form of what we now call the ROSARY. He was the first to teach this method and the first to see the benefits and power of this form of prayer.

During the 11th and 13th centuries, the heresy of Albigensianism was taking over France, with the thought that only spiritual was good and anything physical or material was evil. This thought led to the belief that our soul was good, however, it was housed in an evil body that people wanted to escape. This was not a teaching of Jesus Christ, and Father Dominic set out to preach the good news of our bodies being a beautiful and necessary vessel of God within. He went about preaching all over France. However he had very few followers and fewer that would listen and be converted away from Albigensianism. In fact, more and more were following the heresy teaching. 

In 1208, in Toulouse, France, Father Dominic got down on his knees, prayed, and fasted for 3 days straight, asking God to please help him convert France back to Christianity. On the third day, three angels appeared to him. Then with a ball of fire, Our Lady appeared and told him that he must pray and teach her Psalter Prayers.  The Marian Psalter is a set of 150 Hail Marys, divided in groups of 10 by the Our Father. Our Lady went on to share with him how to add the stories of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection into the prayers as a way to teach the beautiful union of physical and spiritual in life. In the words of Pope Paul Pius III, “What the word of the preacher was unable to do, the sweet prayer of the Hail Mary did for hearts.”

The sweet prayer, the Rosary (a wreath of roses), started an incredible wave of miracles and overcame the heresy. Thanks to this new method of prayer, piety, faith, and union, people began to return to France and to Christianity.

In 1213, just 5 years after St. Dominic received the Rosary, St. Dominic and Count Simon de Montfort were to fight the Albigensians in Munet, France over the rule of France.

The Catholics had 1,500 soldiers on their side and the Albigensians had 30,000 on their side. The fight was favored to the Albigensians. The night before the battle, the Catholics spent the entire evening praying the Rosary for the miracle to overcome the Albigenisians and claim France for the Christian. 

They prayed the VICTORY ROSARY and they won the battle! It was truly a miracle, and the Rosary was and continues to be a vital tool in winning the battle of good versus evil and truth versus falsehood.

St. Dominic lived from 1170 to 1221, and he founded the great, religious Dominican Order. In 1208, Our Lady first gave him the devotion of the Holy Rosary as his spiritual weapon. He committed his life in teaching the rosary.

The miracles of the Rosary continue throughout time.

1917 – Our Lady of Fatima and the miracle of the Sun

1938 – Fr. Patrick Peyton is also known as the Rosary Priest. When he was a young immigrant from Ireland, he had advanced tuberculosis. At the time, it was incurable. His sister told him he should pray the Rosary and ask Our Blessed Mother to have him healed by God. He began praying the Rosary and was miraculously healed. From that day forward, he dedicated the rest of his life to sharing the Rosary. In 1992, he passed away peacefully with a rosary in his hand.  “A family that prays together stays together.”

1991 – a Rwandan refugee named Immaculee Ilibigiza shares her miraculous survival of the Rwandan Holocaust through the prayer of the Rosary in her book, Left to Tell.




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