The Grace of a Happy Death… What Does that Really Mean?

The Grace of a Happy Death…

What does that really mean? We pray for this in so many of our Catholic prayers. WHY?

I never really knew what this meant until recently…

The night before my sister passed, I was laying on the floor at the foot of her bed. We could not lie on the bed next to her because she was in so much pain that we didn’t want to make any movements. Her dog was laying on the floor with me. Suddenly, her dog sat up and looked at my sister. My sister could not talk or move at this point because of the severity and progression of her disease, so I knew to look at her because of her dog’s intuitive reaction. As I sat up and looked at my sister, I noticed her eyes were open really wide – bigger than usual. She just laid there staring into something, which was invisible to me. Then, she gently closed her eyes and went back to sleep. The situation was distinctly different. I needed to watch her breathing to make sure she was still with us… and she was peacefully breathing and sleeping. 

The next morning, my sister said to us all (through a text-to-speech device) that she was ready and it was time for her to die. I immediately said, “Don’t worry, Jesus will be with you, holding you close,” and she said to us, “He is already here. He came last night, stood at the foot of my bed, and said ‘I am here to take you home, my beloved.’”

We all cried, embraced, and witnessed this supernatural peace and steadfast grace emanating from our sister.

12 hours later, my sister died. The room was glowing with light, and we felt the presence of Our Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints as she was guided into heaven.

My sister suffered. She was in pain; her ability to speak, move, and eat was taken from her. Her muscles were dying slowly and pulling on her nerves, causing more pain than imaginable. However, my sister received the GRACE OF A HAPPY DEATH! Jesus was there to guide her home, and Our Blessed Mother was praying her through at the hour of her death, just as promised… and just as we prayed for.

My sister prayed the Rosary every day, prayed a zillion Hail Mary’s, and prayed the Divine Mercy prayers, and she kept the scapular with her, always. The scapular is known as a gift from our Heavenly Mother. In her words to St. Simon in 1251, “Whosoever dies in this garment shall not suffer eternal fire.”


Sometimes, we don’t receive the miracle we are praying for. However, at the end of the day, eternal life with God is the ultimate gift. And that gift is a promise.

Together, let’s pray. 

Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy. AMEN.

—Amy D'Ambra My Saint My Hero Founder/Co-Owner

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