Today we Wake up in Gratitude - Sept 12th

Today, we wake up in GRATITUDE—for our health, our life, our safety, and our country. We are in gratitude to all our first responders that lay down their lives to protect and save ours and to all the men and women in the world that choose to serve, to heal, to protect, and to teach. Humanity is a balance, and each one of us has a specific role to play in life. Today, as we reflect on 9-11-2001, we reflect on all those that ran into a crumbling building to save one of us. We also reflect on our country, one nation united under God. When crises hits, we unite, we stand together, and we move forward together. Together, we honor one another... honoring you, as you honor me. Thank you.

Gratitude is an emotion that can transform our energetic field to a higher place—a place of hope, of forgiveness, of joy, and of mercy. This is the space that we all want to live in.  However, we are human, and when daily worries, anxiety, and anger get in the way, we can drop down into the lower vibrational levels. It is scientifically proven that our cells heal and restore at the higher levels.  Some of the ways to get there are through music, through frequency at the 528HZ levels, and through the emotion of GRATITUDE. 

Today, as I wake up in gratitude, I call to mind all the things, places, and people that bring me joy. I am reminded of what my mom always said: “LIFE IS FOR YOU, not against you.” Today, as I wake up in gratitude, I hug my puppy for the unconditional love and the constant wagging tail. I am thankful for the rising sun and the opportunity to prepare breakfast for my family. I am thankful for the air I breathe.Today, as I wake up in gratitude, I remember 9/11. It is memories combined with the present moment… a world to cherish. I am grateful for you.  Thank you!

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