Jesus is Our True North

True North Compass bracelet -

Life is a journey. Every day we face twists and turns along the way and we must decide which direction to go. Our compass is the Cross. Jesus is our true north, the singular guide for navigating life.

Our Compass is the Cross

Christ’s Cross summarized everything Jesus taught, did, and suffered, all for our salvation. When we were baptized, the sign of the cross was traced for the first time on our heads and our breasts so that the Lord’s wisdom would inspire our hearts and minds throughout our life’s journey.

It is the sign of the Cross that continues to accompany and inspire us every step of the way. For the Cross, accepting the Father’s will even when it was difficult, was Christ’s own path in life. So it must also mark the path of every Christian. Our Savior taught us to pray to God our Father, “Thy Kingdom come!”

At every turn in the road, at every intersection and every stop along the way, this must be our motto: “Lord, what do you want me to do? How do you want me to live?” We must learn to ask that question, deep in the core of our being and hear the Holy Spirit’s answer, guiding us from within.


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