Wake Up and Pray this Lent

Woman with book on lap seated on rocky ground overlooking canyons, wooden cross at her right. Pray, surrender and rest! Don’t run faster, try to fix it, or numb out. Sit still, give it up to Him, rest and allow His miraculous love to renew, transform and

IT’S A FACT! If you want a new habit to take shape in your life, practice for 40 days straight and it will become a habit! This is a scientific fact and it just happens to be perfect timing – we have an opportunity right now! We have 40 days of Lent, time to wash away anything that no longer serves you and bring in the best aspects of you!

woman wearing three blessing bracelets on her wrist, Pillar of Faith ring on forefinger, soft golden lighting

One of the best practices that I want as a habit in my life: take 5 minutes every day in silent meditation and prayer. Just with God, to sit in His arms, rest, breathe… just be.

This is my Lenten promise… I will WAKE UP AND PRAY,  5 minutes every morning just with you God, and gradually I will add a few minutes with the hope of allowing 30 minutes in quiet prayer a day. Imagine starting each day with God! Imagine Him reminding you that you have everything you need within you. Imagine feeling loved beyond belief and being flooded with hope. The time is now to WAKE UP AND PRAY. Join me as we pray for 40 days… and forever.


Click HERE for the 40 Day Prayer Pledge -

Take the Prayer Pledge, and talk to God every day for forty days, and watch what happens. Noah spent forty days with God in the Ark during the flood. Moses spent forty days on the mountain with God. Jesus spent forty days praying and fasting in the desert, preparing his soul for the mission ahead of him. You can do the same. Take five minutes every day just to be with God, follow the guidelines on prayer, and share what you discover.

Let the adventure begin!
Father John Bartunek, LC ThD RCSpirituality.org



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