What did the Saints do to Walk CLOSER to CHRIST During Lent?

What did the Saints do to Walk CLOSER to CHRIST During Lent?

What did the saints do to walk CLOSER to CHRIST during Lent?

The next 40 days, we have the opportunity to be vulnerable, to allow our life to get a little messy, to trust in the wave of emotions, and to believe that no matter how deep we go, we will RISE AGAIN. Let’s do this together. Let’s clear our spiritual being and prepare ourselves to RISE AGAIN! 

A Few Tips from the Saints for a GREAT LENT: 

  • Go to daily mass (St. Thérèse of Lisieux).
  • Pray the Rosary every day (St Dominic).
  • Go to confession once a week (St. Padre Pio).
  • Sit in Adoration once a week (St. Francis de Salles).
  • Wake up and offer your day for Christ (St. Louis de Montfort).
  • Read at least one paragraph in scripture and journal how you feel God spoke to you in the passage. Choose one person to pray for every day, and let them know. Listen to worship music, pray before every meal, and offer a prayer to those that hunger for food. Before you go to bed, ask God to show you areas in your day that you did the will of God ,and then show you areas where you neglected His will… ask for forgiveness and ask for God to show you how to do it better tomorrow… REFLECT (St. Ignatius Loyola).
  • Light a candle, sit in the presence of God, and invite the Holy Spirit to fill you up and pray “Come Holy Spirit Come” (St. Teresa of Avila).

Lent is not about being perfect. It is not about doing everything every day exactly as planned, but rather, remaining steadfast in our sincere desire to walk closer to Christ. Our hearts' desire to walk closer to God brings joy! Together let us begin LENT.


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