What is a Seven Blessings Bracelet

FULLNESS – 7 Blessings

The number seven, in the biblical mystical tradition, implies fullness. The story of creation tells us that God took six days to create the universe, and on the seventh day, he rested. On that day, creation came to its completion, its fullness. The seventh day became the Sabbath day for God’s chosen people — the day reserved to contemplate and enjoy the infinite goodness of God, to experience, hope for, and desire the fullness of life he envisions for all of us. Wear New Day 7-medal bracelet to remind you that you are called to live life to the full.

Now, combine the number seven with the blessing symbolized by the medals on this bracelet, and you get a super abundance of fullness. These medals depict St. Benedict, the ancient founder of monasticism. They are inscribed with ancient prayers of protection and blessings that help plug our hearts and minds into the source of all grace. Even the word “blessing,” itself, means abundance of life. Whenever God blessed someone or something in the Bible, his grace empowered the one who was blessed to flourish. Jesus, himself, proclaimed that he came that we might have “life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10). God wants to touch each one of us with his blessing, all 7 days of every week. He wants to help us live life to the full. By wearing and touching this bracelet, we can keep that in mind, and maybe find the strength we need to say “yes” to the divine inspirations the Lord is always sending us. —Father John Bartunek LC ThD RCSpirituality.org

New Day Rainbow Seven Blessings Benedictine Woven Blessing Bracelet

New Day Rainbow Seven Blessings Benedictine Woven Blessing Bracelet

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