When God Speaks to Us through Music

amy d'ambra praying the rosary

We Are Family!!!

I have to share what happened to me one morning! IT IS HUGE—it is a miracle from heaven. It reminded me of the love of my family and the love of my 4 sisters. It’s the authentic, fearless, messy, be-who-we-are-called-to-be, I-love-you-anyway, I-support-you, and I-see-you kind of love!

I had a really rough day, and all my emotions were triggered. I felt betrayal, doubt, fear, and my spiritual power being given away. But then I stood up, stood strong in my position of love, and walked away for a pause.

Amy D'Ambra praying the rosary

The next morning at 5AM, I went for a daybreak walk with Tina (my dearest friend of 15+ years). It was just a friendly talk, nothing too heavy… at least that was the intention. Before I knew what hit me, I was sobbing on her shoulder as she held the space for me.

At 7:30AM, I talked to my sister Barbara and we ended our conversation with, “Don’t make any decisions yet. Go on your run, and just allow yourself to process.” I know that sounds a bit over the top. First, it was a walk and then, a run. It does not happen all the time. However, today, I needed to pound out a few things.

I called my daughter Ellie and asked if she would run with me. I needed to run. I asked her to simply pray with me in silence as I prayed for her in silence. We each had our headphones in, and we were running to our own beat. I was listening to the Rosary, as I usually do, and as the rosary ended, I turned on my Running Playlist. This is all very normal, and I have listened to this exact playlist for over a year now.


The first song on the play list was by MercyMe. I love that song. The song ended and there was a slight pause, as is common with SHUFFLE mode. Then, the next song was from The Passion soundtrack from a walking play done in New Orleans over Easter. Artists like SEAL and Trisha Yearwood performed.  I love this soundtrack.  The song was “Calling All Angels.”  I was calling all my angels. The song ended a brief pause and then, “When the Days Get Dark and the Nights Get Long” came on.  I was starting to go there with this song, knowing the gist… when darkness hits reach to love and light. 


It went from “When the days get dark and the nights get long...” to “WE ARE FAMILY. I’ve got all my sisters with me!!!”

I DON’T HAVE THIS SONG ON MY PLAYLIST!!!!! Each lyric built upon the next and was EXACTLY what I needed to know and hear. Did you know there is a phrase that says, “STAND UP IN THE FAITH YOU KNOW”?

WOW… I sat still in awe of the gratitude I have for my incredible sisters! THANK YOU, GOD!  I BELIEVE GOD HAS A GREAT PLAN FOR US and I AM listening.

When the song ended, it went quiet—no shuffle to the next song, nothing.  It was done. — Amy D'Ambra

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