Why is Almsgiving a Pillar of Lent?

Why is Almsgiving a Pillar of Lent?

We are Church!

We are brothers and sisters! We are in this together.

 It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).

Almsgiving is commonly thought of as being charitable and making donations to our church. However, it is much more than that. It is the acknowledgement of family, the awareness that WE are the Church. Together as one body in Christ, we stand side by side in times of need, struggle, and sorrow. One moment, we are the strong one, holding up the other; the next moment, we are the weak one, in need of a helping hand. We do not stand alone, and we are not created to walk through life alone. This is true almsgiving – giving of oneself, opening up to receive help from others, and allowing blessings to flow from one to the other through the common thread of the Holy Spirit.

This is one of those supernatural graces that goes beyond logic. When one gives love unconditionally, one is blessed abundantly. It is in the giving that our heart opens to receive. And isn’t this what Lent is all about? Preparing our hearts to receive the risen Lord in abundance… this is why ALMSGIVING remains a pillar of Lent.

Today, I invite you to open up and ask for help from a friend.

Together, we are one.

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