Day 29 - 40 Day Prayer Pledge


Posted on March 25 2020

DAY 29



Oil and perfume gladden the heart, and the sweetness of friendship rather than self-reliance. Iron is sharpened by iron, one person is sharpened by contact with another. Proverbs 27:9, 17



Our friendships are some of our most precious things. And yet, sometimes we allow ourselves to be drawn into relationships that actually pull us away from God. Like an elevator, a friendship can either bring us up or bring us down. What friendships am I most grateful for? Thank God for them, and ask him to bless those friends. What kind of a friend have I been to those around me? Are there any relationships in my life that are not healthy, that put into temptation or bring me down? What does Jesus want me to do with those relationships? Reread the verse: talk to Jesus about the relationships in your life, and ask him to help you live them well.



(Make the Sign of the Cross)

An Ancient Prayer of Thanks

We thank you, Holy Father, for your holy name.
You have made your name dwell in our hearts.
Glory be to you forever for the knowledge and faith
and immortality that you have made known to us through your Child, Jesus.
Almighty Lord,
You have created all things for the glory of your name.
You have given us food and drink for our nourishment,
That we might give you thanks;
Yet through your Child
you have given us Spiritual food and drink and life everlasting.
Before all else we give you thanks,
for you are might: glory be to you forever. Amen.


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