Day 37 - 40 Day Prayer Pledge

DAY 37



No longer shall I call you servants, for a servant knows not what his master does. Now I shall call you friends, for I have revealed to you all that I have heard from my Father. John 15:15



With Jesus Christ, something brand new entered the world. Among the thousands of religions that human beings had invented, not one of them dared to call the one, true God a friend. But now, in Jesus, God has become one of us precisely because He wants to walk in our friendship. He wants to start the friendship now. He wants it to grow every day, and He wants it to flourish into eternity. When was the last time that I thanked God for the gift of His friendship in Jesus Christ? Thank Him for it now. What does friendship really mean to me? How can I be a better friend to Jesus, and how can I let Him be the kind of friend He wants to be to me? Reread the verse, slowly; maybe even out loud, “let your heart be warmed by God’s personal, determined love for you.



(Make the Sign of the Cross)

A Prayer for Union with God

Lord our God,
All truth is from you,
And you alone bring oneness of heart.
Give your people the joy
Of hearing your word in every sound.
And of longing for your presence
more than for life itself.
May all the attractions of a changing world.
Serve only to bring us
The peace of your kingdom
which this world does not give.
Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

 Alternate Opening Prayer for Mass for the Twenty-First Sunday of Ordinary Time

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