If you look closely at my left wrist in almost all of my pictures - like a game of Where’s Waldo - you will notice that I am rarely seen without a blue woven miraculous medal bracelet. My dear aunt and Godmother gave me a My Saint My Hero bracelet about six years ago and it very seldom leaves my wrist (except the one time I placed it on my dear friend’s wrist as she moved cross country - then I just ordered another.😉) .

It’s remained there because that bracelet has been a tangible reminder to me of whose I am, who I need to turn to, and to not take life too seriously because it’s only temporary. I have probably prayed on that bracelet over 1000 times for family, for friends, for myself, for this business (including for YOU). In my opinion, it isn’t just a bracelet. It is a tiny piece of heaven that has changed my life. I am positive that without it staring at me day and night, I would not remember or rely on my faith in the way that I have and do.

Through this business, over the last year, I have had the opportunity to meet My Saint My Hero founder Amy D'Ambra and she has become a friend and mentor. I don’t believe that things happen by coincidence, I believe they happen by God. So when this Kentucky girl had the chance to meet this beautiful California girl when our paths crossed in Dallas last month, I knew it had to happen. What a blessing to finally be face to face!

Amy, thank you for trusting God to step out of your comfort zone and start this business years ago. Thank you for dedicating your life to a mission that is truly changing the world. Because I have a visible reminder that doesn’t leave my eyesight every single day, I have had more prayer and more hope than I could have ever imagined and THAT has changed MY world. And I am confident that my prayers prayed because of your bracelet have changed the world for countless others. You are a true light of Christ and your work matters. Thank you for teaching me.

Is there someone God keeps placing in your life? Maybe you need to thank them. No doubt at least two lives will be better because of it. —Jennifer Togather Moments


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