I Realized God was Moving Through my Life Again

I was given a bracelet from a sweet friend a couple of years ago not knowing anything of this product. He explained why he was giving it to me and the sharing [of] the love of God. It brought me to tears so grateful for the love he was giving me. I fell in love with my bracelet wearing it daily until I was at a doctor appt and a nurse asked me about it as she was drawing blood from me. She told me about her son that was fighting a rare form of cancer and she began crying uncontrollably. I took off my bracelet placed it in her hand clutched her hand and prayed that the gift I was giving her would help ease her pain and make her stronger for her son. I felt such peace when I left her but also felt my wrist only for a second missing the love I had received from my friend. I realized God was moving through my Life again helping others a sense of warmth through me was so peaceful. —Anita


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