I Received a Bracelet

At the beginning of April 2020, when we entered lockdown for Covid 19, a former classmate of mine reached out to looking for someone to help him empty his apartment in Los Angeles. He and his family were in Costa Rica for business, and couldn't leave. Meanwhile, his tenant had headed back to the East Coast, leaving the apartment a mess, and in need of someone to interact with movers. I put up my hand. Part of what I was asked to do was to give away those items which he didn't want to keep, book cases, desks, a loft bed, etc.. To me it was just a part of the project, which I was happy to assist with, as I have, in the past, been in the position where I needed this kind of help, and not had anyone step forward. Someone contacted me to pick up the loft bed for her son. She was the one who gave me the bracelet. I guess I hadn't looked at it as being an act of kindness. I guess it was actually multiple. —Nancie

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