Picking Up The Pieces

I am a Recovery Coach and a Recovery Coordinator and I was at the hospital visiting someone who desperately needed my help. I had on a tee shirt with my employers logo and I got out of my vehicle and I noticed an older woman staring at me so I smiled at her and as I was approaching the hospital, she asked me what I did and I explained it to her and the reason why. We said our goodbyes and I went to go visit my client and as I left, I noticed something on my windshield with a note that said "Thank you for being selfless and welcome to the "Angel Mom Club" and along with this note there were 2 bracelets. I understood the "Angel Mom Club", I have been one since April 20th, 2018. You see, I do what I do because my son passed away from Fentanyl poisoning after being drug free 18 months. It might not seem to be a long time to some, but it was a lifetime for my son. I am his voice now and he left behind a legacy. He was my hero. My son's death was at the hands of a person who didn't want to stop using drugs so my son was ending their relationship and let her spend the night at my home so he could help her get her stuff together and move out. He loved being drug free and she decided to inject him while he slept. She has never been charged with the crime. I am leaving it in God's hands. I don't want other parents to have to endure the pain that my husband and I endured. I have a FB group called "Picking Up The Pieces" Ocala, FL and I am trying to become a nonprofit to continue to pay it forward as we are in the midst of an opioid epidemic and my son is standing right next to me as I help people. He is my strength. Thank you. —Michelle

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