Are you ready to rock in 2016?


Posted on December 31 2015

cupped hands of a woman catching falling glitter, wearing Benedictine Blessing Bracelets, and Breathe Chain bracelet - Nappy New Year! Are you ready for 2016?

Yesterday marked the 6th day in the Octave of Christmas. This Advent I have had the Life Teen Advent Companion in my purse for daily reflections. Life Teen has done a great job of breaking each day’s readings down, challenging and making Advent preparation manageable. Yesterday the companion challenged each of us to prepare our hearts to make 2016 a year to go deeper in our faith and to make a commitment to surround ourselves with those who are going to lead us closer to Christ – check out John 14:6. Surrounding yourself with those who lead you closer to Christ will only allow you to see the Truth, Goodness and Beauty of our Catholic faith, the earth our Heavenly Father created for us, and the true purpose of our life here on this earth. As you make your plans for 2016 and face this challenge, and I am sure many other challenges and goals you have set for yourself, turn to Mary and Joseph for faith, knowledge and wisdom and invite them to reveal to you the child from God filled with wisdom.

In preparation for New Years we thought it would be fun to give you a list of some things that Amy & Christine hope to do with their family to ring in 2016.

  1. Celebrate with those you love… Ring in the New Year surrounded by love! Give thanks for 2015 and say out loud the 3 greatest things that happened in that year.
  2.  Go see Star Wars as a family and wear some fun Star Wars apparel so we look a little goofy.
  3. Take a Family Pilgrimage to walk through as many “doors of Mercy” that you can (Christine plans to make a list and keep it with her so she can make sure not to miss any doors of Mercy that have been chosen in cities near and far all over the world!) Use this list to help you create your pilgrimage!
  4. Pack up the car and go somewhere you have never been as a family, and leave the electronics in the glove box.
  5. Go Kayaking or Paddle boarding

What are you going to do with your family?  We would love to hear about how you plan to spend 2016, and how your family is going to live out the year of Mercy


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