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Posted on December 07 2017

hands of woman wearing stacks of My Saint My Hero Blessing bracelets, tying a bow on a small gift package

Christmas is a time to reflect on the true spirit of giving; a time to give what counts.

Sometimes it’s too easy to get lost in all the sales, checking items off our gift lists, meeting deadlines and the overwhelming amount of extra to-dos and obligations that seem to fall on our shoulders every holiday. It can leave us feeling burnt-out, guilty, stretched thin, overwhelmed, empty as much in our inner selves as our bank accounts. Although we begin well-intentioned and eager to be more Christ-like each year, it is ever so easy to lose sight of the true spirit of Christmas. We are only human after all.

So let’s take a moment to reflect upon what Christmas is really all about: it’s celebrating the birth of a baby, of new life brimming with hope, the coming of a Savior who will bring peace to our longing and tired souls. At Christmas time we give gifts because we, too, desire to emulate the greatest gift God has ever given: His Son! Our gift-giving is merely an extension, an outward sign, of the gift of ourselves, our love, our gratitude, our time and effort. We want the recipient to truly know that he/she matters to us, and that we love him/her. In the end what really matters, however, is not so much the gift, but the fact that we give of ourselves. Let us not forget that!

All this being said, sharing gifts is a lovely and important tradition that is beautifully and wholly human, and which makes each more like the Father. We are as much body as soul, and it is often through the physical gift that we comprehend the deeper spiritual gift.

“They bring me comfort and joy. I bless my family and friends with these pieces all of the time.” -Cheryn

dinner place setting with Benedictine Blessing bracelet on Blessing card

Be the One to give a Blessing this Christmas.

Whether it be through one of our versatile and beautiful Blessing Bracelets (a great gift for everyone), or through another gift, I invite you to be the one to give a blessing this Christmas through your gift and presence. Be the vessel of God’s grace to those you gather with, the stranger you meet at the check-out counter, and most of all to those closest to you.

As you draw near the manger and kneel before the Infant King this Christmas, open yourself to the invitation to be an extension of the love brimming from the Christ-child’s heart. Be His hands, His feet, His voice and His arms to all those He came to save. May His personal love for you be the greatest blessing and gift you receive this Christmas.

Blessings of Joy Christmas Blessing bracelet - silver medals on silver cord displayed framed with fresh sage leaves

Wear this bracelet as a reminder that pure joy rests in the love of God. May you be surrounded by His unconditional love this Christmas Season, and always.

Wear this bracelet as a reminder that pure joy rests in the love of God. May you be surrounded by His unconditional love this Christmas Season, and always.

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