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Posted on January 12 2018

model wearing angel garb and feathery wings standing in the woods, light streaming through the trees

New blessings for a new year…

Let the divine light of heaven guide you

Queen of Heaven Collection 2017

Queen of Heaven Collection - Available January 15 2018 - Caitlin in angel garb with two little girls, standing among the trees

Together we can build His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Together we can dare to dream big as we stand firm in knowing that through love, all is possible.

May our Blessed Mother reign down from heaven and fill us all divine light and love so abundant, that it overflows and ignites the light in others. One heart at a time, one blessing at a time…one love!

young woman with long dark hair wearing Queen of Angels necklace tiara-style

Available online and in-store: Monday, January 15, 2018. Which one will become your new favorite? 

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