Empower Necklace + Bracelet Behind the Design with Nia Peeples


Posted on March 09 2018

woman's hands holding a pencil sketching Empower necklace and bracelet design

July 22, 2016 was the first official feast day of St. Mary Magdalene and the first day Nia Peeples walked into our office. We had never met, yet our hearts felt a kindred spirit. Truly a supernatural understanding of each other was awakened by the Holy Spirit in every cell in our being. Our hearts expanded as we began to journey together through conversation to the town of Magdala where the sacred “Flower of Life” symbol was recently discovered. My Saint My Hero’s new Empower Seed of Life Collection, inspired by the sacred symbol, is so meaningful to Nia, to me, and to My Saint My Hero. To look at the carving of this Flower of Life dating back over 2000 years and to know that Christ himself preached from this very place in Magdala is enough to make one’s heart dance with joy.

Nia Peeples in Israel looking at large mural painting of men's feet in ancient garb

Nia Peeples drawing the Seed of Life in the sand at the Sea of Galilee

Together, we now bring this sacred and beautiful truth as it is embedded in this symbol to you. We invite you to journey with us to the town of Magdala. Nia Peeples and I journeyed here and immersed ourselves in the sacred waters of the Sea of Galilee, we walked the footsteps of Christ and prayed in the very synagogue that the Empower symbol was emblazoned on the first altar. We prayed there and pray now that you and all people wearing this symbol may feel the love of being linked together on earth as it is in heaven. Wear Empower and be empowered through the unfailing love of God! – Amy

We have an intuitive knowing of those who have walked before us. We are all linked together like the circles in the seed of life. We are not alone. We are divinely connected.
Amy D'Ambra and Nia Peeples designing the Empower Seed of Life Collection
Sister, daughter, mother, grandmother—may we empower one another as we link heart to heart and celebrate all the revolutionary women in our lives. Today we celebrate you. May this piece empower you to be revolutionary!



Empower Seed of Life Bracelet

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  • J Timothy Dotson: September 25, 2019

    All of that…the Galilee and Magadala and Mary and LOVE. So much to the story no one sees or knows. Isn’t that the way life goes, what we think we know…maybe we don’t. But love brings it all together. Always.
    This I have relearned, from you. Thank you. So much.

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