Giving, Gathering, Gratitude


Posted on November 01 2017

Giving, Gathering, Gratitude

With the start of this beautifully crisp month of November most of us begin thinking about preparing and decorating for the holidays. I love these next few months because of the emotions, the festivities, and the traditions that are brimming with meaning, reminding us why these days are so special. These months are times of gratitude and love, of family and friends, of light and warmth.

 Do something special this year.

Instead of place cards, gift your loved ones with a personalized Gratitude Bracelet: a keepsake they can wear that will remind them of your love all year long. As we set the table we lovingly think about each person by name because each of them is precious to us, each one has been invited into our home and hearts by name. This year, as your loved ones gather around the table, let them know with an extra special detail that your gratitude for their presence in your life is something you want them to remember long after the turkey is gone and wherever they may find themselves in the future.

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