He Gently Reminded Me I Wasn’t Alone On This Journey Towards Heaven


Posted on December 07 2016

Julie Lai in Switzerland
I’m currently studying abroad in Rome and traveling just about every weekend. Yes, it’s exciting but it’s also very challenging at the same time. Too often things don’t go as planned and is often stressful.
But through the chaos, one way God has made Himself known to me was through the little My Saint My Hero Bracelets I never take off. One on my left hand. Another on my right. They are a constant reminder to be God’s and to be courageous.
Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Him to use it in the ways He has had. And I want to tell you three stories of that…

Story Three – Switzerland

I was at lunch and there was a group of American girls sitting next to us. I noticed one of the girls next to us was wearing a MSMH bracelet. I got so excited. I had to talk to her! When I leaned over her face lit up. She said, “My mom gave this to me before I left to study abroad. She said it was for protection, I think. Is that right?”

Ah. It was clear to me she didn’t really know much about it. But honestly that was besides the point. I could obviously tell how special her bracelet was to her.

I could imagine her aching mom thoughtfully and lovingly picking out the MSMH bracelet for her daughter. I could imagine her mom sitting at home, maybe with her own MSMH bracelet praying intently for her.

I explained to her what the Benedictine medals meant, and I told her the meaning of the bracelets I was wearing too.  I couldn’t help to take in that moment. Here I was thousands of miles away from home, talking about God’s protection and mercy over lunch. He gently reminded me I wasn’t alone on this journey towards heaven.

Church tower against stony cliffs - He gently reminded me I wasn't alone on this journey towards heaven.

These women who I’ve met along my journey are stories I will hold onto dearly. For despite being in a totally new place, sometimes feeling alone, and overwhelmed, God had surprised me with His love. In these three stories, God had allowed strangers to become a sisters. And with these sisters, we walked a little closer towards Heaven together.

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– Julie Lai/Student, Writer, Social Media Whiz, and a Trendy Coffee Shop Enthusiast


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