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Posted on November 29 2016

Julie Lai - Saint Teresa of Calcutta Canonization

I’m currently studying abroad in Rome and traveling just about every weekend. Yes, it’s exciting but it’s also very challenging at the same time. Too often things don’t go as planned and is often stressful.

But through the chaos, one way God has made Himself known to me was through the little My Saint My Hero Bracelets I never take off. One on my left hand. Another on my right. They are a constant reminder to be God’s and to be courageous.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Him to use it in the ways He has had. And I want to tell you three stories of that…

Story Two – Mother Teresa Canonization
I was waiting in 97 degree heat, shoulder to shoulder to the people next to me while waiting hours for Canonization Mass to start. Next to me were two older women who were pointing at my friends and whispering. Confused, I gave them a smile. They smiled back and one asked, “Sorry I was just noticing your bracelets…” She begun to ask me questions about them and was in absolute admiration. She wrote down the My Saint My Hero website.

I told them with all the eagerness in my voice of the story of MSMH I told them about how it supports the women of Medjugorje who literally weave each bracelet with prayer.

We ended up having an entire conversation with each other learning about each other’s lives and sharing stories.

Julie Lai - Saint Teresa of Calcutta Canonization

I would have never talked to these women. But just like that. God connected women who are generations apart over a little bracelet.
– Julie Lai/Student, Writer, Social Media Whiz, and a Trendy Coffee Shop Enthusiast


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