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Posted on May 01 2018

Nia Peeples at home

Mother’s Day is beautiful because it’s a recognition of womanhood, not just motherhood. Sisterhood, daughterhood, we are women. The fullness of that. I don’t mean just motherhood. I mean how society sometimes will say, she’s just a mom. She’s just a housewife, she’s just a … No! Our ability to bring forth life is extraordinary, and this is our time to do that on so many levels.

We are mothers; we are fierce, we are kind, we are compassionate, we are thinking of everyone, we are powerful.

Nia Peeples with her kids


Nia Peeples with her kids

It takes a radical heart to stand in the truth of who you are, to drop the stories that previously defined you and simply be. The beautiful thing about this is that when you commit your life to evolving from that place of the radical heart you, shift everything. You’re joining others who have made that decision as well, those who have committed to standing fully in who they are. –Nia Peeples

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Nia is currently on a road trip, meeting and speaking with people about having a Radical Heart, sharing her children’s book The Little Apple Tree, and sharing Blessing Bracelets. Follow her journey on Radical Heart and Nia’s Instagram.

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