Redefining What Love Is


Posted on March 08 2017

Teresa and friend

I mentioned this man last week who has been redefining what love is in so many ways… I have been blessed with the task to help him get to heaven, for how long? Only God knows that.

Hey there! How’s everyone doing this week? It’s the middle of week one of Lent. Did you have a chance to fill out the calendar and keep up with it? To be honest, it’s so much harder than I thought. I have had a really hard time balancing life right now and even more specifically my Lenten promises. I have been able to pray at least 15 minutes a day. I started a new devotional that has been amazing, and helped me stay on track. It’s called 31 Prayers For My Future Husband – don’t get too excited, I’m not engaged. But I do strongly believe in praying for my future husband. When I was in high school and went on retreat we had Jackie Francois as our speaker. She spoke about how you should write down a list of what you hope your husband will be like, not just tall and handsome, but other traits too. (I have tried to find the journal that I wrote my list in, but as of now its MIA.) I do remember I put silly and selfish things like tall, handsome, can grow a beard, servant of God, likes to do handy work (I would rather spend money on clothes than a handyman) and the list went on. Then she challenged us to pray for him- not just for him to come into your life, but to have the graces he needs to get through life until you meet, and then until your wedding day. I have gone through phases where I have been really good about praying for him, then not so much. I hope my future spouse is praying for me, I need all the prayers I can get.

For those of you who are single, dating, engaged or not really sure what’s going on in life, I challenge you to pray for your future spouse and vocation. It may be a challenge because you may be head over heels in love with a man and thinking right now, “but why? I found him; I know I am going to marry him.” Well in case you forgot, we aren’t in charge, the Big Man upstairs is. Let THY will be done, not MY will… He may have someone in your life to give you a taste of authentic love, but they aren’t yours. If they are or are not yours it’s your job to help them get to heaven while they are in your life. Pray for them and with them, because prayer does work!

As I look into the next week of Lent and what I have set as my daily sacrifices, I have been trying to make sure to set my days up so that I can accomplish them, and if I have to switch a few days around, then so be it, but I will make it happen!



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