Wake Up and Pray!

Amy D'Ambra

Posted on October 10 2018

Young woman wearing Wake Up and Pray bracelet

Introducing Wake Up and Pray Meditation Bracelets

Wake Up and Pray bracelets shown worn together

Morning Meditation

Use these 10 gemstones and Benedictine Cross to guide you during your meditation. Run your finger along each gem and begin a conversation with God.

Offer God: Your day. Your prayer. Your works. Your joy. Your suffering.

Ask God for His: Love, Wisdom, Peace, Protection, Hope.

Pause at the Benedictine Cross and breathe in His love as He receives your gifts. Feel His embrace as He promises to remain with you always.


Wake Up and Pray bracelets

Wear this bracelet as a reminder to spend the first few minutes of your day with God. As you create this daily practice, your heart opens to the abundance of love, gratitude and compassion.


Wake Up and Pray Meditation Bracelets

Choose your Intention – Stack Your Story

Wake Up and Pray bracelets with stone beads and medal variations - Tiger Eye, Howlite, Mixed Agate with gold or silver medals

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