Walking the Camino de Santiago


Posted on January 10 2018

Christine and Joe RIch Walking the Camino de Santiago

The Camino

In celebration of a personal milestone last year, I chose to walk a portion of the Camino de Santiago in Spain with my family. Along with my husband, our four children, a future son-in-law and daughter-in-law, and our family priest, we walked just under 100 miles in 7 days.

Christine posing for a photo on Walking the Camino de Santiago

Just like life itself, the Camino de Santiago is a journey that can only be completed by taking one step at a time. When we began, it was hard to imagine reaching our destination…and along the way it was hard to recognize all the little blessings…but looking back we realize it is a journey we will never forget!

The greatest gift was the growth of our family, with Johnny’s fiancée, Ashley, and Elle’s fiancé, Joseph, along with the addition Fr. Jim, walking every step of the way with us. We never know what tomorrow may bring so thank you for sharing in today with us – you are a blessing in our lives!

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Walking the Camino - uplit statue of Virgin Mary against the night sky, church front lit in the background

A New Walk

As I begin a new walk in 2018, I know I will continue to draw from my experience on the Camino de Santiago. I believe that St. James will continue to work on my heart and keep guiding me and my family towards a closer relationship with Christ. In fact, I started this New Year in a different way. Instead of ringing in the new year at a party with friends, I sat outside of St. James Church in Medjugorje praying a rosary with my husband; offering many prayers for all those whom we had promised to take with us to this sacred place. As I walked into the church and saw the statue of St. James on the altar, I was reminded of his example to walk the extra mile to boldly share his faith. That’s what saints do, they set the bar a little higher for us. This year it is my prayer to follow the example of St. James to share my faith without hesitation and with great love!

God bless,


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