Where will your Star take you?


Posted on January 04 2016

candles burning brightly on prayer altar

This week started with the Epiphany of our Lord, the three kings, the Magi, came to see Jesus Christ and bring him gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. They did not know where he was going to show up, but were able to find him based on the movement of his star. It is known fact that stars don’t typically move. When the Magi noticed that this large star continued to move, they knew they had to follow it and that it would take them to the son of God, which allowed them to understand that they could not report to Herod, but to return home another way. We can use the star as an example of what we are supposed to follow in our life. They followed the star which lead them to God, which lead them to a life that was joyful. If we choose to follow a shiny star that is bright, we are likely going to struggle to find the joy that God provides. God wants us to follow a bright star that radiates the Mercy and Joy he provides. During the homily at the mass I attended this Sunday, Father said something that really stuck out to me… “When you die, you will wake up wherever the star you choose to follow takes you.”

Where do you want to wake up? Take this week to find your star, make a plan how you are going to follow it and how it is going to lead you closer to Christ. Is there something that is keeping you from Christ? In asking yourself these questions remember, God wants each and every one of us more than we want him, his love is never ending, and his Mercy is endless.  

In the last post I talked about the Life Teen Advent Companion, today I want to share with you a book that Life Teen launched this year, that I have also been attached to since returning from NCYC. Mark Hart (the Bible Geek) along with a few other writers created this as a resource to dive deeper into each Sunday’s readings – the book is called Ascend I hope this year as a community of prayer we can share more amazing tools with you, and also hear about what tools you have found that help you on this adventure we call life.  I would love to hear about what you have planned for 2016- share in the comments below and on your social media, lets be each others biggest fans! 



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