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Posted on March 27 2017

Magdala in the sand at the Sea of Galilee
Our faith calls us to believe that we were created by God and for God; we exist because He loved us into being. He makes Himself known to us in the longing for more than this world can offer us. We love to hear and share stories about how God calls us out of the world and back to Him.

We’re all born with this amazing knowingness of who we are and then somehow along the way we just…forget. or probably more appropriately stated, we learn it away, being very powerfully pushed and herded into shapes and jobs and relationships that someone else, some society, some education system, some family upbringing decided for us. Not nefariously, but out of love and concern. But in the process, we lose the ability to hear our own voice. And believe me, as much of an overachiever as I have been in my life, as much success as some would perceive that I have had, there is absolutely nothing that satisfies my need to live life, fully contributing and participating open throttle, to my absolute capacity for joy, passion, forgiveness and love, as does answering the call of my inner voice. Because that voice has no agenda other than to live truthfully and love fully. And that’s what this symbol reminds me, every day.

Mary Magdalene her name means tower, throne, fortress. And she is now being recognized as a woman of her own means, the one who anointed the Christ with sacred oil, the Apostle to the Apostles. Her life of courage, strength, love and compassion, to this day, continues to unfold and with it, the balance of the masculine and feminine; harmony and truth.

This ancient symbol is known throughout time as the seed at the center of the “Flower of Life.” Many cultures and religions intuited that within this geometric pattern lie the keys to the universe: God’s everlasting love, the seed of God’s light that exists within each one of us. We are here now to claim that light and stand in the fullness and truth of who we are. This is a unique time in history for it is calling everything into truth and you are a part of it. You’re being called from within. The time is now. Listen. Awaken your Feminine Genius. – Nia

NIA PEEPLES Nia Peeples’ career has spanned over two decades. With her award-winning performances in a variety of disciplines—film, television, music, and dance—Nia has proven herself to be both the consummate entertainer and one of those rare artists whose passionate expression actually transcends the medium. Nia has made her biggest mark as an actor. Best known for her turns on “Fame,” “Walker Texas Ranger,” and most recently “Pretty Little Liars,”  Nia is in her own words an “actor, dancer, writer, director, mother and friend—exploring, expressing and experiencing all things beauty, body and being.”

Awaken Magdalena Medallion 

Each of us is on our own journey as we walk this earth. Our goal is to find the path that leads us to perfect union with God and we are thankful for the saints who have gone before us to show the way. They exemplify the beauty of the diversity with which God has a personal relationship with each one of us. He knows how to meet us exactly where we are in every moment of our lives and we are grateful to those like Nia who are open to sharing their story.
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“Lord, help me to simplify my life by learning what you want me to be and becoming that person.” St. Thérèse of Lisieux

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