Handwoven with love in the small pilgrimage town of Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina; may you be blessed by the prayers of those making each piece and the love and prayers of My Saint My Hero. Your purchase enables us to use the power of giving to help transform lives and make the world a better place.

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Seven Blessings Bracelet
Brilliance Bracelet
Share the Love - St. Amos Love Bracelet Set
Faith Blessing Bracelet
One Nation Under God United in Prayer Bracelet
Benedictine Blessing Bracelet - Gold Medals
Stairway to Heaven Crystal Benedictine Bracelet
Perfectly Imperfect Bracelet
Benedictine Blessing Bracelet - Jet Black Medals
Peace Link Bracelet
Grounded in Faith Bracelet
Rooted in Faith Bracelet - Saints
Protect & Serve in Gratitude Bracelet
Freedom Blessing Bracelet
Brilliance Trinity Bracelet
Honor Blessing Bracelet For Men
Peace Howlite Power Bracelet
First Communion Set - For Girls
Stellar Blessings Amore Blessing Bracelet
Share the Love St. Amos Love Bracelet - White/Rose Gold
Motherly Love Bracelet
Wake Up and Pray Meditation Bracelet - Rose Quartz
God Bless America Bracelet
Protection Guardian Angel Wing Bracelet - Sale
Radiant Blessing Bracelet - Silver
Blessings and Joy Bracelet - Metallics
Be the One Bracelet - Summer Colors
Gratitude Blessing Bracelet - Sale/Silver
Stellar Blessings Night Sky Blessing Bracelet
Faith Confirmed Bracelet
Share the Love St. Amos Love Bracelet Set - White/Rose Gold