Onira Fragrance Oil

The name ONIRA was inspired by our family heritage-it means “DREAM” in Greek.

Together, as sisters and best friends, we curated this one-of-a-kind, beautifully fragrance oil as a daily reminder to set an intention towards our DREAMS. Apply it with a dream in mind, and as you go about your day, the scent will captivate you, bringing your focus back to your dream.  Others will want to know “what are you wearing?” This scent awakens the heart and the senses.

(to “DREAM” in Greek) 
Fragrance Oil
Paired with My Saint My Hero Perfectly Imperfect Bracelet. Lava and Hematite
Wear this bracelet as a reminder that some days are rough some days are smooth... and God keeps us centered. ONIRA Pure Essential Oil can be worn directly on the skin or infused onto the lava beads. Simply roll the oil directly on the lava beads activating yourdreams and intentions into the universe.



Alcohol free • Paraben free • Synthetic free


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Onira Fragrance Oil