We Are Kind

We are Kind My Saint My Hero World Kindness Day
Change the World Through Love One Act of Kindness at a time



In sacred texts it is written that “144,000 people scattered across the earth will lead a magnificent revival.” YOU can be 1 of the 144,000 that make this happen! With one common intent, we can have a quantum effect!


 November 13 is World Kindness Day


Get Involved Join Us

How to get involved with My Saint My Hero and World Kindness DayWays to Spread Kindness


Help walk an elderly person across the street

Let someone go ahead of you in line

Offer up a hug to a friend or family member

Text someone who you are grateful for

Send someone flowers just because

Buy a meal for someone who needs it

Lend an umbrella when it rains

Bake cookies for a neighbor

Leave letters of encouragement on someone’s car

Say hi to a stranger

Buy someone’s coffee in line behind you

Compliment the next person you see

Say good morning to every person at work

Hold the door open for someone you don’t know

Make dinner for a friend/spouse

Donate clothes

Do a chore for someone else to lighten her/his load

Smile at everyone you see today

Bring baked goods to your local fire or police station

Reach out to an old friend and see how she/he is doing