What is a Blessing Bracelet

What is a Blessing Bracelet?

A Blessing Bracelet is a wearable blessing, a tangible reminder of God's love. Our bracelets begin in love, prayer, and inspiration. Beginning with our design team and the words that grace the inspirational card, prayer goes into each step in the journey of your bracelet. Our saint medals are hand cast in a sacred city in Italy. Our woven bracelets are made by women artisans who are supporting themselves through meaningful work. Our original cuffs are written for My Saint My Hero by a sacred image icon writer and crafted in Los Angeles. 

Each bracelet is a conversation, a reminder, a prayer on your wrist. Whether you are purchasing a bracelet for yourself, for someone who needs a blessing, or have been gifted one, know you are part of a growing community. With over 1 million My Saint My Hero Blessing Bracelets being worn world-wide, we are truly woven together in love and prayer. 

What is a Benedictine Blessing Bracelet?

Each one of our Saint Benedict Blessing Bracelets is made with medals hand cast in Italy for My Saint My Hero by a family that dedicates their lives to creating sacred and holy medals to share with the world. The Benedictine Cross dates back over 1000 years and is the strongest symbol of protection known in the Christian and Catholic world.

These medals are then handwoven using cording into bracelets in the small pilgrimage town of Medjugorje, where miracles are happening now. Your purchase enables us to employ artisans who support their family through a meaningful trade. The women pray as they tie each knot—each bracelets is made with love and prayer. 

"God gave us this opportunity to make money, but when we make the bracelets we feel a lot of love because this is such a blessing, and I am giving blessings to all the people who will wear these bracelets." –Marijana/My Saint My Hero Artisan

women artisan in medjugorje weaving my saint my hero benedictine blessing bracelet with our blessed metal tag

"First of all, I do this because I adore making the bracelets with my hands because I love crafting. Secondly, it helps financially and the third thing, most importantly I can help my neighbors, by giving them some bracelets to make so they can make some money too. That is the most important thing.⁣
To the people who will wear our bracelets, I send the message that there is a lot of love, there is a lot of prayers, there is a lot of sacrifice in those bracelets. So when you wear it, I hope that it is a reminder that a lot of love is in there and they should pray and be strong and wear it with love.⁣
Pray for me, for my family, for my kids, and for my husband, and all the families that are included in this project. We all need prayer and prayer is necessary for everyone.⁣
When I started making the bracelets it was my family and two other families. Now it is eleven families." – Snježana/My Saint My Hero Artisan⁣

The ten Saint Benedict Medals can be used as a decade Rosary. Each time you look at your blessing bracelet it is a gentle reminder that you are loved, that you are blessed, and that we are all woven together in God's love.

Wear your St. Benedict bracelet to remind yourself that God has given you a mission to make the world a better place and that you can choose to fulfill that mission by using your hands to do good.


 What is a Blessing Bracelet