Wearable Blessings offer a tangible extension of God's love. 

Intention and prayer is a part of our woven blessing bracelets. It begins with the conception and design of each bracelet, to the medals made in a sacred site in Italy, to the women artisans in Medjugorje as they hand weave each bracelet.

Our hope is that each person who wears a My Saint My Hero Wearable Blessing will be called to pray and be a conduit of His love by igniting the communion of saints and angels. 

Prayer can bring miracles. 

Each and every one of us can pray upon one another for God's healing, joy, and hope. Through prayer, we can "grab hold of the hand of Jesus" and walk fully alive in complete faith.  

The My Saint My Hero collaborators have felt God's connection and are reaching out to share the stories of their faith journey.

We are blessed to co-create new pieces with traditional messages and sacred elements anchored in faith and shared with you. 

We invite you to get to know some of our collaborators at My Saint My Hero who feel moved to share a Wearable Blessing! 


Caitlin and John Stamos in their St. Amos Share the Love Collection Bracelets

Caitlin and John Stamos

John and Caitlin Stamos are passionate about unity among the disconnect and peace among the discord. Together, we created the St Amos line and, in the words of this Old Testament prophet, "God is Love, and Love is for everyone."  John and Caitlin Stamos share more than a name with this prophet; they share the same understanding that we are all worthy and welcome to be loved fully by God, especially the marginalized. 100% of the Stamos family proceeds from this collection give back! Together, we see everyone as equal, seeing through the eyes of God.

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sage steele wearing her divine grace collection amazonite bracelets

Sage Steele

Sage Steele was given a Blessing Bracelet during a very tough season in her life. She felt the love and prayers woven into the bracelet lift her out of her sorrow and give her the courage to stand tall in humility and grace. Her bracelet became a touchstone to hold steady to God and carry on through the stormy waters. As she emerged with grace, she wanted to share that blessing with everyone. Her NEW Divine Grace Bracelets do just that. Made with amazonite, they bring to mind the ocean and offer the peace and tranquility of the water, and are woven with a howlite cross or Benedictine cross medals as a reminder that God's got this—He's got you!

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Madison Prewett and her Family the Prew Crew in Family Virtues Bracelets

The Prewett Family

Before filming season 24 of "The Bachelor", Madison Prewett Troutt was gifted a My Saint My Hero Blessing Bracelet by her father, Chad Prewett. Since they wouldn't be able to connect until the "hometown visits", the bracelet served as a physical reminder that she was not alone and that she and her family were connected through their love of God. After the season ended, Madison and Chad contacted My Saint My Hero to share their heartwarming story.

We soon began working with the Prewett Family on a bracelet collection that would share the BLESSING OF FAMILY. Family Virtues, Wonderfully Made, and most recently, Made for this Moment were created in a continuum of prayer for you.

No matter how far away family is, we are always connected. We are woven together.

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Valerie Bertinelli in Be Kind Humankind Bracelets

Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli's Blessing Bracelet reminded her to stop the negative self-talk and choose to be KIND—kind to herself and kind to others. Valerie has a passion for making kindness contagious and wanted a way to spread this message. She collaborated with My Saint My Hero on our Kind Bracelets, part of the Be Kind Humankind Collection. Each Kind Bracelet is a tangible reminder that "You are enough. You are worthy!"

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