Amy’s List of Favorite Gifts This Christmas

Amy’s List of Favorite Gifts This Christmas

Tis the Season

Tis the season for love, family, gatherings and gift giving. 

My favorite part of Christmas is gathering together as one giant family and spending days laughing and sharing. It is truly a time that we all treasure and hold sacred. A time to reflect on Christ born anew within our hearts and a time to love one another, and we all do our best to take the time off of work to dedicate to family. This Christmas is a very special Christmas for my family because we have two new babies to cuddle!  I am a great aunt twice-over and I am in awe of how much love a sweet little baby can inspire and spark! 

My Ultimate Favorite Gift to Give

When I think of gift giving, my favorite part of it is sharing a new discovery that has meant a lot to me and something I can’t wait to give. And EVERYONE gets a BLESSING!!!

My family has a tradition of putting all the blessing bracelets in a basket at our Christmas Dinner table and everyone picks one with the intention of giving it to the person next to them. As they put the bracelet on the other, they say a little prayer or blessing for that person, and then the other person has their “turn” to give a blessing. My family loves to choose from the 10 medal Benedictine Blessing Bracelet, Serenity and Gratitude. We are united in prayer during our Christmas dinner and it carries a sense of being woven together that remains long after our Christmas time together comes to an end. I love looking at my blessing bracelet and feeling the love of my family.

My Favorite Picks This Year

In addition to Blessing Bracelets, a few items that I am excited to give this year is a set of lip gloss by 3 GRACES! They are made with amazing ingredients and each lip gloss has a bible verse and fun saying!  Everyone needs a little lip gloss to make them sparkle! 

I also LOVE my YETI 30oz mega cup, and that will be on my list for all my fellow heavy drinkers (water and coffee that is).

I love my comfy PJs by Cuddl Duds and Aragon MILK by Josie Maren

Ok now you have my secrets! I’d love for you to comment below sharing your favorite gifts to give! Merry and Blessed Christmas, my friends!



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