Are the Angels Calling You?

Are the Angels Calling You?

I will never forget this day! I had my first phone call with the team from QVC about the potential opportunity to bring My Saint My Hero to millions through TV! I prayed with the team and shared the Feast of the Archangels, and as I was pulled over on the side of the road to continue the call, I looked out and saw a huge rainbow! I shared that with the QVC team as well. I got off the phone and thought to myself, “They might just think I am crazy and never call back!” Later that night, one of the gals I was on the phone with sent me a picture of a rainbow that she saw that very day in Philadelphia as she walked into her next meeting. It was a sign of HOPE from heaven that has continued to carry through our entire relationship together with QVC!

A sign from heaven — that is what archangels are. They are the sign from heaven that God is real, prayer works, love heals, and miracles happen.

If you are reading this today, the archangels want to share a message with you. Is it Archangel Michael? If yes, then he has a message of protection for you. If he was here right now, he would tell you: “You are protected by the divine power of God, and I am here with my mighty blue sword and wings to shelter you from anything unlike love. I am here to surround you with incredible protection so that you can walk through life with your heart wide open and allow God to fill you up so big that you bubble over with love and supernatural joy. It’s okay to experience joy. It’s okay to dance amidst the rain, smile amidst the frowns, and believe in hope even in the middle of chaos and confusion. You are protected to serve.” 

Is it Archangel Raphael that’s calling out your name? If it is, he has a message of LOVE AND JOY! If he was here with you right now, he might say: “I am here to remind you that you are whole, you are healed through the love of God, and you are meant to be loved fully, just as you are. Your holy spouse is waiting in the wings for you and, at the right moment, will fall into your life with more love than you can ever imagine. Your faith will heal you, your faith will restore you, and your faith will renew you. You are on the right path.“

Or is it Archangel Gabriel that’s calling you? If yes, he is the MESSENGER. If he was here today, he might say: “Please open your ears to the voice of God. He has a message for you, and you need to slow down so that you can hear it. Please take 5 minutes early in the morning, when you can sit quietly, begin with a prayer, and ask God to share His message with you. Then, sit with your journal and listen. If you have the urge to write, start writing and watch as the message unfolds in front of you.”

There is one more archangel that is known less, and his name is Archangel Uriel. If he is calling your name, you might be called to help our world and the environment. If he was here today, he might say: “You are a chosen one to bring peace to the world and to the environment by your connection to nature, your care for the sea, and your passion for all living creatures. Stand up in your knowing and help preserve the beauty of the outdoors and the balance of our ecosystems for generations to come. The world needs you.”

Happy Feast Day Archangels! Thank you for your messages. We invite you into our lives, and today, we celebrate being surrounded by a legion of angels

—Amy D'Ambra/MSMH Founder and Co-Owner

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