Be Not Afraid!

Be Not Afraid!



St. John Paul II repeated these words often. He refused to accommodate the belief that some things just can’t be put right. He had enduring hope, courage, and conviction and was often referred to as the “world’s greatest moral authority.” In a time when the world struggled under heavy injustice, he reminded us to continuously find strength and guidance in faith and truth. He refused to accept the world as it was—his commitment to truth in the face of tremendous fear was unwavering.

Today we have new challenges. In these trying times, we must remember to take his humble, but powerful advice: “Be not afraid” to stand up for what is true, good, and beautiful.

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Introducing our new Be Not Afraid Bracelet

Written in his own handwriting, “Be not afraid” became St. John Paul II’s motto as he encouraged us all to be not afraid to stand in our brilliance, to be the light we are called to be, and to be the saints of the new millennium. Wear this bracelet as a reminder that there is nothing to fear because God is always with us.

“Remember, I am with you always, even to the end of age.” Matt 28:20

He was with His disciples, He was with St. John Paul II, and He is with you—you are His beloved.


New Be Not Afraid Pope John Paul II Bracelet

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