“Be the One” Reflections: Sarah

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Today’s post comes to you from a reflection by Sarah Erickson. We asked her what “be the one” means to her. Below is her answer. Thank you for sharing, Sarah!

My recent conviction of “be the one,” when I think about the one person, the one collection of human beings in the world that needs this love that doesn’t have bounds, conditions or strings attached is young women. I don’t see a more broken group of people.

I see, being in college, young girls looking to be known and loved in their relationships with men. Our culture pushes this need to be in a relationship, to always be pursued to be in that picture perfect relationship that is, in today’s terms, “goals.”

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Therefore I am so convicted that I need to love them through sisterhood and remind them of the greatest pursuit: that of the man on the cross. We are so broken and we crave the affection of a father, the affection of that man on a cross who romances us through His blood.  

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So I think, when I hear, “be the one,” the first thing that comes to mind is to be the one to stand by those women who may be held captive, whether they know it or not. Their femininity is most treasured when it is centered at Calvary, with Mary, hand in hand in front of the Lord: the King of kings who is bleeding out for that woman.

So that is the image I keep getting, to bring those girls back to their roots, back to the beginning, back to where their freedom comes from, to where their salvation comes from. Because it is there where we can see glimpses of the Father’s love and know the greatest man’s affection. We don’t have to earn it. It was within us when we were born into the world. 

Sarah Erickson

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