In Thanksgiving

In Thanksgiving


Especially this year! We are united once again with family and friends; we are free to participate in our beloved traditions. We can choose to go to Mass, go for a walk, or simply rest. This is a choice because of the time and space that we live in. This is a gift, a privilege, an honor. So today, I want to thank God for my incredible options, for the ability to choose, and most importantly, for the grace of choosing love. Join me as we pray in thanksgiving:

Lord I thank Thee for this place in which we dwell,

For the love that unites us,

For the peace that consumes us today,

For the hope that offers us a new day in tomorrow,

For the health, the work, the food and bright skys that make our life delightful,

For our friends and relatives near and far.


Happy Thanksgiving, I wish you many blessings!

—Amy D’Ambra MSMH Founder/Co-Owner

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