Legacy and culture are in the beads of prayer....

Legacy and culture are in the beads of prayer....

As a fourth-generation Mexican-American, I grew up with love of my Catholic faith, the many devotions, the love of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and my family.

It was the summer of 1991, and my grandma was watching me while my mom and dad were at work. It was too early to swim in the pool, so my grandma invited me to join her in our living room to pray the rosary.

I remember sitting there trying to follow along. She was reading each mystery from her favorite book, Treasury of Novenas, and I would respond during the Hail Mary and Our Father.

As we moved into the second decade, I felt a sense of calm and comfort.

Over the entire summer, I prayed with my grandma once week.

In my mind, I simply thought I was hanging out with her. Little did I know she was laying the foundation to make me the faith-filled woman I am today.

Shortly after my grandma taught me how to pray the rosary, my mother hosted Our Lady of Fatima in our home for a week. We prayed the rosary together every night and then as a larger family (grandparents, ninas, ninos, and cousins) on the day she left our home. When I recall this memory, I can still hear all of us singing Immaculate Mary, “Immaculate Mary, your praises we sing. You reign down in heaven with Jesus our King. Ave, Ave, Ave Maria. Ave, Ave, Maria!” I know exactly where I was sitting in my childhood home during this song. And, in that moment, I felt the power of praying together as a family.  

Fast forward to May 2022...and I read in my church bulletin that there was an opportunity to schedule Our Lady of Fatima to come to your home. I immediately text the contact and within 24 hours, she was scheduled to arrive to my home on May 4. The day they brought Our Lady, my children sat on my lap with my husband by my side, and we prayed the rosary together.

As we started singing Immaculate Mary my eyes filled with tears because I saw my life coming full circle as I now laid the foundation for my children.

When I reflect on the impact the rosary and our Mother Mary on me, I am moved to tears.

When I have struggled over the years as a teenager, young adult, and now mom, wife, and professional, I see that it was in my lowest moments that Mary picked me up to bring me closer to her Son, Jesus. If my commitment to praying the rosary influences my children to pray and rely on its power, then I know they will also be brought closer to knowing our Lord and their Catholic faith.

-MSMH Guest Blogger Kristie Rueff O’Campo/Executive Director of Advancement Rosary Academy

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