May Love Grow

may love grow (script text with heart)

Season of the Seed

Advent is the Season of the Seed. The seed He said, “is the Word of God sown in the human heart.” It is also the seed of life brought forth from God through Mary, in the form of Jesus the Christ.  Mary brought forth the savior of the world through the seed of LOVE, her fiat—through the mother comes the King.

It is interesting that today’s gospel reading mentions four women, four mothers, that brought forth life to continue the lineage of God’s divine love. This is a very important realization because at the time women were very rarely named when proving the lineage of prophets.  These four women show that there is a new place for women under the New Covenant, as bearers of love and light.

Divine Love

Advent is the season of divine love growing within, not because of what you can do, or what you can give, but simply by saying yes to this seed of new life. 


Advent is a time of growth—we must believe that He is growing in our lives. Allow time to spend in quiet contemplation and prayer to remember the presence of Christ within.  He is here… He is in our families, He is in our friends, He resides within us and surrounds us all throughout our lives.


We must simply remember to recognize Him. As we go about our day encountering challenges or feelings of uselessness, may we remind ourselves to trust that maybe, just maybe, this is all a part of God’s plan. Our work allows for Christ to work through us, our words may let Christ speak through us, and our compassion may bring Christ’s compassion back to the world.

It is not by chance that just recently an amazing discovery was made in the Christian world. The first altar that Christ ever preached from was unearthed along the coast of the Sea of Galilee. In the center of this stone altar was emblazoned a very new symbol for that time—it was the Seed of Life. Circle upon circle, this symbol represents the significance of women in the New Covenant. 

May love grow and may God be fully alive within each one of us during this Advent.  Blessings and Love, Amy

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