Megan & Baby Cornelius

Megan & Baby Cornelius


Mother's Month Highlight 

Megan Lynn Cornelius— My Saint My Hero Sales Representative 

SUPER MOM MOMENT: "During my pregnancy, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own mother, the sacrifices she made, and all the love she gave. I feel a deeper connection to her, like I’m joining a special club that we’re both about to be part of together... Motherhood. My mom worked as a full-time teacher and cared for her children. It’s a huge responsibility that you don’t realize until you’re faced with it yourself. I feel a deeper appreciation and understanding for my mom. I’m so excited for my daughter to know her grandmother!"  — Megan

FAVORITE MY SAINT MY HERO PIECE: A Mother’s Love Blessing for My Child Bracelet
As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I started wearing this bracelet. My husband and I prayed for our pregnancy and I wanted this special symbol of protection to follow us through our journey. Each time I look down, it’s a reminder of just how blessed we are to welcome our baby into the world.

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