Merry Christmas to You

Merry Christmas to You

Baptized as a King, a Prophet and a Priest 

Did you know that at baptism we are all baptized as a king, a prophet and a priest? 

Yes that is each one of us. We are born this way. It is our birthright. What are you? 

A King – to lead people on their holy path 

A Prophet – to help others see their destiny and recognize the hope that awaits them. 

A Priest – a teacher to share truth that GOD is real, prayer works, and love heals. 

How do you live out your unique call? This is your time! Allow Christ to be born anew within you this Christmas.  Claim your highest and greatest version of you and ask for God’s help to stay in the “zone,” the “God zone”. This is the place where you are uniquely connected to all there is. It is your life line, your heart beat, your lifted vibrational field. It is the place where creativity flows, intuition is second nature, discernment comes through prayer and the knowing of belonging to the greater field of possibility is your natural home. 

Merry Christmas to you, your greatest gift is the awareness that YOU ARE A GIFT!   

The time is NOW... your time is NOW... 2020... a year of clarity... a year to shine... a year to be the greatest and brightest version of you.  Thank you for being that kingprophet and priest that you are called to be. 


Journey with me and breathe in your magnificence. Allow Christ to be fully alive within you: 

Imagine yourself walking through a small village in Bethlehem and you see the Blessed Mary walking down the road pregnant with the Holy One. She says to you, “I need shelter for the night, please take me inside your heart as my time is so close.” Allow Mary to take you by the hand and together you walk into the presence of God and say yes. Together you give yourself fully to the re-birth of Christ within, together you allow God’s light to shine forth from your being.  You feel God’s love explode within.  Mary holds you close and walks with you as you step into the village of your own home. The angels continue to surround you as your yes is the fuel the angels need to guide your way every day.     

—Amy D'Ambra

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