Padre Pio - Pray for Us!

Padre Pio - Pray for Us!


Padre Pio: a saint, a humble man, an ordinary man with an extraordinary love for Jesus Christ, a man who struggled, was under spiritual attack, and questioned about his authenticity. At one point Padre Pio was confined to his monastery and could not leave to visit anyone or travel because he was under surveillance. However, it was during these times of confinement and 24-hour watch that Padre Pio’s miracle of bilocation was authenticated and verified! Yes, he really could bi-locate! While in his dorm room monitored by a “guard,” people out in the world would feel his presence and hear him speak to them. One documented case of this was by Patrick, a fighter pilot during WW II.

When Patrick was under heavy enemy fire, Padre Pio appeared in the cockpit and “carried” him to safety. After the pilot landed, Padre Pio appeared again and asked the pilot to come to visit confession. When Patrick was on leave a few years later he finally was able to visit Padre Pio’s church. When he walked in Padre Pio said, “Hello Patrick, I have been waiting for you.” Patrick later learned that Padre Pio never left his monastery at the time he had helped him land the plane.

San Giovanni Rotondo Saint Padre Pio

Now I have a story of Padre Pio’s miraculous ability to heal! Eight years ago while I was teaching Religious Education to high school students, a women named Consuela came up to me after mass and said that she would love to share a miraculous healing story with the students. Of course I said yes however I did not have any idea what she was going to share. She came to our small group discussion and began to tell us that she was one of the documented miracles of Padre Pio!

Consuela brought pictures, relics, and letters from Padre Pio, to better share her story. When she was 12 years old and living in Naples, she had a very rare form of brain cancer and the tumor was actually changing the shape of her head. She was taken to doctor after doctor yet no one had a cure. One day a friend of her mother’s stopped by and invited them to go visit his cousin in San Giovanni Rotondo. His cousin's name was Padre Pio and he had been performing miracles. Consuela and her mother went to visit Padre Pio on several occasions and they would pray together. Consuela would feel better for a day or two but then the symptoms would return. 

A year after meeting Padre Pio, Consuela again grew gravely ill. Her mom wanted to go meet with Padre Pio one more time to try and save her daughter’s life. The little girl was too weak to travel and stayed home in bed while her mother went. As Consuela lay dying and taking her final breaths, her mother was praying with Padre Pio! Padre Pio prayed, “Lord we love You, let Your will be done, let Your will be done.” While they were praying 200 miles away, the little girl wanted to go to heaven, the pain was very bad and she was ready to take her last breath. Suddenly Consuela saw Padre Pio standing at the edge of the bed and praying over her, he kissed her forehead and called forth the Holy Spirit to heal her. Consuela felt instantly better and as she touched her head she realized that the deforming tumors were gone! The physicians attending to her saw this incredible transformation and declared a miracle. At the same exact time, Padre Pio told her mother that her love cured her daughter, she went home as fast as possible and when she walked through her daughter’s door, she could visibly see the transformation — she was and is HEALED! 

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Consuela grew into a beautiful young lady and remained close friends with Padre Pio. One day she asked him if she should become a nun. He told her, “I think your vocation is to be a wife and mother.” Padre Pio later presided over her marriage and was the godfather to one of her children.

I had the opportunity to visit Padre Pio’s birthplace in Giovanni Rotondo. Walking through his monastery you can almost feel the presence of Padre Pio —  it is as if he is still here in our midst reminding us that ALL is POSSIBLE through CHRIST JESUS!  Miracles happen my friends! 



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